Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Firsts

There was really nothing quite as exciting as my first tomato, except for maybe my first sweet banana pepper and my first batch of scallions.

While the first tomato came quite easily, the others have been few and far between. It's not that my plant isn't thriving, it's all Rocky's fault. . Rocky, you see, is the evil neighborhood squirrel. The whole Rocky saga is at least it's own post, if not several. I digress though, enough about Rocky and the tomatoes.

I have not done terribly well with peppers this season: I just harvested my first banana pepper last week (planted it in May), and I have a sole purple bell pepper that is developing very slowly. I have some things to try next year with the peppers, but that is also another post for another day.

The scallions, however, were easier than a sorority girl at a frat party. !

I started these from seed in late June. They have been virtually maintenance free, and I still have plenty to harvest
Let's not forget the best part of all this: eating them! Last night I made a salad and realized that all the vegetables (except for the lettuce) were from my garden. I felt like a proud parent gazing at my children, but then they were diced and devoured; unlike children, however, they were quite enjoyable!

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Katie said...

They're beautiful! I can't believe you mentioned children in your blog, though!