Saturday, November 20, 2010

Valley of the Dolls

Ghosts, poltergeists, plumbing--don't let anyone try and tell you that owning an old house isn't scary. When I bought my grandparent's house, it was, well, full. As I've sorted through everything from 1960's Harper's Bazzars to 1960's homework assignments, I've found some pretty cool items and some creepy ones as well--namely the dolls.

Some are missing clothing, others  limbs, but the strangest part are where they're found. It started as a joke when one of my aunts put a 3 foot doll in an attic window and almost gave the Fedex guy a heart attack. From that point onward, you never knew where a doll, or doll head would appear: there was even one in the shower once!

Over the past year, I decided to document the dolls via photos. As in golf, all shots were played where they lie.

 So, who's ready for a sleepover???

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Katie said...

I think you should pick the creepiest of those pics and add it to your "Life at Spring Maples" sidebar! ;)