Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas at Spring Maples the 2010 Edition: Part 1

Front Window Wreaths Awaiting Their Hanging
While I spent many a Christmas as my grandparents' guest at Spring Maples, 2009 was my first Christmas as Mistress of Spring Maples aka Decorator in Chief (DOC). My first order of business as DOC was to stray from traditional Red and Green holiday hues, channel my inner Lilly Pulitzer, and deck the halls in Pinks and Greens.

My first purchase was this a-mazing wreath that I custom-ordered from Flower's Unlimited in Martinsburg, WV. I'm normally not much on artificial greenery, but do you really think I could buy a wreath like this and only keep it for one Christmas? I think not. The picture at right was taken last week, so as you can see it stored beautifully! (P.S. I also totally love that it matches my front door :) )

Last year, I used some tinsely wreaths from Target on the rest of the front windows, but for $1 a piece they barely made it through December. This year, I decided a little DIY project was in order, so I purchase 3 plain evergreen wreaths from A.C. Moore and those awesome pull out bows (they're only a few $ and all you do is pull the strings et voilà: perfect bow!), snagged some Christmas balls I bought at Wally World last year, and made my own wreaths!

And last, but certainly not least, these giant Christmas balls. I found these on post-Christmas clearance at Target and instantly knew their fate. I'm quite please with how they look; however, on a windy day they blow around and make a terrible bonking noise. The first time it happened was in the wee hours of the morning; the dog and I both thought there were bad guys after us.

As noted in the title this is merely the first post in my Christmas at Spring Maples series. Stay tuned for adventures in Tree-Trimming.

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