Monday, May 4, 2009

Lesson Learned 2: Wellies are not actual "work boots"

After spending the past couple of months nurturing my seedlings, it's finally time to start getting things in the ground! I have around 400 heirloom tomato plants alone, so needless to say my garden is going to be a tad bigger than last year. I decided to fence off part of my horse's pasture for my plot; it needs re-seeding, so I don't have much of a sod battle, it's in a nice and sunny spot, and it's already fertilized (thank Dan).

So, last weekend, I was all set to get started: I went to Tractor Supply, loaded up the Mini with 25 metal posts, 100 yards of snow fence, and a straw cowboy hat. As I headed out to the field clad in Orange Wellies, cut-off shorts, a wifebeater, and my new hat, I was ready for some serious farming, right?
Silly silly me, figured that an effective method for starting the posts was to jump up on them a few times--think jumping on a pogo stick--until they were stuck in the ground. This worked out well for the first post. On the second post, however, my foot slipped, the "T" part of the post sliced through my Wellies, and about 3 layers of skin. My first reaction was obviously "OMG I cut my Wellies!" and then I was like "oh wait, my foot hurts" which was followed by "Mom, I think my boot's filling up with blood!"

One week, 20 bandages, yards of surgical tape, and copious amount of bourbon later--still can only wear Havaianas, and my foot still feels like it's going to fall off.
Needless to say, I think my next shoe purchase is going to be a pair of real work boots. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

P.S. my dear little brother and one of his friends put all the posts in, in less than 20 minutes...

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Katie said...

steel toes, my dear. steel toes. anytime you need to borrow them, they're all yours! ;)