Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Putting it to Pen: My 2011 Goals

Many people set resolutions, but I prefer to set goals. There are many things I hope to accomplish in 2011, but I will--come hell or high water--at minimum do the following:

1. Overhaul the Downstairs Bathroom: When I first moved into Spring Maples 2 years ago one of the first things I did was rip the ugly wall paper off the bathroom walls; however, that is where the bathroom remodeling ended. The downstairs bath isn't huge, and I already have some ideas in mind (which Garnet Hill seams to read, but that's OK because they're having a HUGE sale), but I'll post more on that once I commence renovating.

2. Go Vegan One Day Per Week: I'm doing this for two reasons--first, for health reasons (I am a cheese fiend and actually consume far too much) and second, to expand my cooking horizons. I love milk and cheese and butter, so don't worry, I'm not actually giving them up for good.

3. Run a 10K and Finish a 5K in Under 30min: I love running and can actually run decent distances, but boy am I slooooooow. I have a plan, though, really I do! I bought a digital watch with a timer, and I've started keeping a training log on that's pretty nifty. I've also set some reward points  for myself (don't judge) i.e. if I run [insert number] miles in January, I can treat myself to a new piece of running gear from Lululemon. Hey, we all have our own motivators--most of mine involve shopping!

Throughout the year, I'll blog about my progress as I deem it relevant/interesting. For instance, today is my first Vegan day! So far, so good. I had some Silk soy milk with my espresso this morning, an apple & peanut butter for lunch, and I have a Larabar for a late afternoon snack. For dinner tonight I'm going to make my friend Katie's Amazing 7 Can Soup with just a few tweeks. This soup is delicious, filling, and it re-heats beautifully. Below is the recipe and how I've adjusted it to be Vegan-friendly.

Katie's Amazing 7 Can Soup

1LB - Ground Meat or Soy Crumbles (I didn't use either)
1 Package - Taco Mix
1 Package - Powdered Ranch Mix ( I also left this out and just added chili powder, cumin, garlic, and basil
1 Can - Rotel
1 Can - Corn
1 Can - Diced Tomatoes
3 Cans - Beans of Your Choosing (I used Kidney, Cannelini, and Pinto)
1 Can - Water

- If you're using some form of meat or soy crumbles, brown them in a large stock pot and when cooked sprinkle with seasoning packets.

- Dump in the rest of the ingredients.

- Bring to a slight boil, reduce to medium-low and cook for about 20 minutes or until thorougly heated.

- Top with crushed tortilla chips and shredded cheese if desired.

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